Stern Brothers & Co. is the nation’s largest certified 100% woman-owned business enterprise (“WBE”) investment bank. As one of the few remaining independent, private investment banks in the country, we provide successful Underwriting, Private Placement, Financial Advisory, Credit Enhancement and Remarketing Services for our clients across the country.

Stern Brothers operates on a national scope with 13 offices across the country. Our bankers are seasoned, highly experienced professionals, each of whom has had many years of investment banking experience prior to being recruited by Stern Brothers. It is a depth and breadth of knowledge garnered from years of working in public finance.

It is easy for us to take the long term view. Stern Brothers has been in investment banking since 1917. We are a family business, privately held, and dedicated not to Wall Street or a bank holding company but to our clients, the governmental entities and private business financing projects in the public sector.

We look forward to working in partnership to achieve your financing objectives over the long term.

Stern Brothers & Co. is an independent Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) investment bank. The Firm works with clients in specific market sectors providing knowledge and experience, and thereby ensuring the most effective financing transactions. Specializing in structuring unique solutions for clients, we have served thousands of municipal issuers and corporations in our history. Our team is eager to work with you in the structuring, analyzing, underwriting, sales and distribution of your debt obligations.


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