Equity Capital Markets

  • Corporate Equity IPO and Secondary Syndicate participation:
      Our team members have participated as co-manager or syndicate member for securities issued by AT&T, Eaton Corp. and others.
  • Stock Repurchase:
      Programs are directed by the client’s objectives (e.g., volume-weighted average price) and executed in compliance with SEC rule 10b-18. Our traders provide efficient and responsive order execution, excellent market color, two-way communication and reporting services for exchange-listed and over-the-counter securities.
  • At-the-Market (ATM):
      Offerings provide an excellent means of raising measured amounts of equity capital over time by enabling a publicly-traded company to tap into the existing secondary market for its shares on an as-needed basis. ATMs can result in a lower cost of capital. The shares are sold at the prevailing market price with no warrants and no offering discount.

Equity Execution

  • Institutional Equity Desk
    • Stern clients rely on us to deliver the full spectrum of components crucial for the best execution in today’s complex global environment.
      Our highly-skilled trading professionals provide a comprehensive, end-to-end experience for our clients.
      At Stern we employ a combination of built-in destinations and an expansive suite of the latest algorithms offered by leading providers worldwide, as well as real-time pricing, position management and customized pre- and post- trading reporting.
      Stern utilizes FIX-compliant order routing technologies that link to all major stock exchange liquidity centers, ECN platforms, floor brokers and market makers.
      Stern is leader in global institutional agency brokerage services executing and settling international securities in over 50 countries.
      We provide institutional investors with best-possible execution through high-touch, low-touch algorithmic trading and access to dark pools as well as pre- and post- trade analytics across developed, emerging and frontier markets.

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