Financial Advisory

Stern Brothers serves as Financial Advisor for a number of local governments, agencies and institutions in connection with their bond offerings and other financial needs. Stern Brothers’ Investment Bankers work collaboratively with our clients to identify the most advantageous financial strategies and professionally execute them on their behalf.

Stern Brothers has provided financial advisory services on fixed and variable rate, new money and refundings, in sectors including housing, education, alternative energy, general obligation, revenue, education and transportation.

Stern Brothers bankers use traditional and industry leading forms of financing to secure clients the best financing for their projects. These methods include:

  • General Obligation Bonds
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Refunding Bonds
  • Tax Anticipation Notes
  • Special Revenue Bonds
  • Energy bonds

From the beginning of your financial planning to the completion of your project, the Stern Brothers team will guide you to the most advantageous conclusion. Stern Brothers client’s include:

  • The University of Missouri
  • St. Louis County IDA
  • Iowa Higher Education Loan Authority
  • South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority
  • The State of Missouri
  • Hillsborough, Florida IDA
  • Indiana Finance Authority
  • Florida Housing Authority
  • Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority