Stern Brothers serves as remarketing agent for almost $4.5 billion of short term, variable-rate tax-exempt bonds and notes throughout the United States; and is ranked ninth nationally based upon the number of transactions remarketed. During the past three years, the Firm’s remarketing portfolio has grown by more than $1 billion. The Firm has been underwriting and remarketing VRDNs since 1991 and has developed a reputation within the VRDN market for creating efficient, cost-effective and seamless transactions.

On a national scope, Stern Brothers is the largest WBE Remarketing Agent of Variable Rate Demand Obligations (VRDO) in the United States.

Stern Brothers is one of the top five Remarketing Agents for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac supported transactions in the country and is only one of five Remarketing Agents approved to remarket Freddie Mac TEBs (tender option bond program), consistently outperforming competitors. In addition, Stern Brothers remarketing portfolio includes transactions issued by over 130 state, county, city and local issuers spread across 40 states.