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Large, multi-client financial service firms often have to make economic trade-offs between their investors and public finance clients. But at Stern Brothers we have no conflicts, our focus is on the best interests of our clients. The client-driven focus of Stern Brothers is evident throughout each stage of a bond offering, and is never more clearly evident than during the actual sale. In recommending the method of selling bonds, we are concerned only with finding the best financing options for our client.

Our institutional sales force has significant relationships with all of the major Tier 1 municipal investors. The Stern Brothers’ sales team are proven professionals with established buy-side client relationships, which allow Stern Brothers to leverage off their long-term commitment to public finance and provides insight into the prevailing buying / trading trends.

The majority of accounts placed are for 2nd and 3rd Tier institutional accounts. These accounts are regional and smaller bond funds, insurance companies, unit trusts, trust companies, separately managed assets, money managers and regional and community banks.

Our bond traders have the most current information of the pricing of debt securities, and the appetites of every class of investor. That firsthand market knowledge is an invaluable asset when it comes to setting the price and other terms of our clients offerings. Stern Brothers can offer real time market data and the capital to support transactions during market swings.

Secondary markets is a segment of the investor marketplace that is not often covered by our larger competitors.