Schools, colleges and universities undertake a wide variety of capital projects to remain competitive and innovative. Whether the project is a new research laboratory or a parking garage, new residence halls or refurbished classrooms, Stern Brothers has a long record of finding low cost external capital to supplement an educational institution’s internally generated funds and philanthropic sources.  Our investment bankers can design and market innovative bond issues that provide the most economical and appropriate financing solution.

Stern Brothers professionals have significant experience obtaining capital for a wide range of uses including new construction financing, interim financing and debt restructurings. Stern Brothers enjoys a long history of successful transactions for small and large private institutions, state university systems and community colleges with both new money and refundings. We have the ability to develop both fixed and variable rate solutions to provide the greatest level of flexibility.

Stern Brothers works with decision makers in education and government to build and equip primary and secondary schools through low cost bond issues. Our investment bankers have the experience and staff to deal effectively with all the key participants of a bond offering, including bond counsel, rating agencies and bond insurers.  We have the marketing and placement capabilities necessary to ensure the lowest possible transaction and borrowing costs. Whether working through state educational agencies or coordinating the sale of general obligation bonds for a school district, Stern Brothers has the capability to fund school improvements with the most appropriate and economical bond financing.

Stern Brothers Education financing clients include:

  • Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
  • County of Bergen State of New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Kansas Independent College Finance Authority
  • State of Oregon
  • University of Connecticut
  • State of Florida
  • Illinois Finance Authority
  • New York City Transitional Finance Authority
  • State of California
  • Massachusetts School Building Authority