Housing and Real Estate

Housing finance is a longtime core specialty of Stern Brothers. Each year, since 1997, Stern Brothers has ranked among the top firms nationally in housing and real estate finance. Stern Brothers is proud of the intellectual capital we are able to bring to our clients. We have extensive experience with daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual mode bond structures as well as intermediate and long-term fixed rate bonds. Stern Brothers has structured single and multi-family housing bonds with minimum investment grade ratings from the major rating agencies without the need for third party credit enhancement.

Tax-exempt and taxable bond financing can provide a flexible and low cost method of financing real estate, and Stern Brothers is one of the nation’s leading firms in this field. The Firm has structured $8 billion in transactions to facilitate new construction or permanent financing for the acquisition or rehabilitation of multi-family and industrial development projects. In the past six years, Stern Brothers has served as senior managing underwriter, private placement agent, remarketing agent or financial advisor for tax-exempt and taxable multi-family housing and other real estate project bond issues covering more than 150 different assets.

Stern Brothers professionals have an unparalleled breath of knowledge in the housing and real estate sectors including the areas of:

  • 501(c)3
  • Public housing
  • Mortgage revenue
  • Taxable variable rate demand
  • Taxable adjustable rate demand refunding
  • Corporate collateralized mortgage obligation